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Réalta Naturals Scéal.

Steph has been practicing Aromatherapy since 1999 and living natural is one of her passions in life.

“My love for all things natural, natures scent gives me goose bumps, from the scent of the sea or freshly cut grass to lavender plants in my garden, the scent of nature always awakens me”.

At Réalta Naturals we bring the belief of living naturally into our products.

Nature brings us to somewhere pure, natural and safe, which is exactly what Réalta Naturals skincare range is, 100% natural skincare.  It is important for us to create products that do not contain the nasty chemicals that have hazardous effects on our bodies.

We care about what we eat and this attitude should follow through with what we apply to our skin as our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply to it, which is why we need to apply products that are nourishing and that feed our skin positively.




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